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Accelerate Your Career with Data, AI & Automation

Join the Top 1% at work by mastering the in-demand skills to 10x your productivity, automate manual tasks, generate insights from data to make data-driven decisions and solve business problems at Analytics Varsity.

Some of our Technology Stack

Why You need Data & AI Literacy today!

"Data literacy must be the fabric of the organization that’s weaved into every decision." In today's digital era, every decision, strategy, or plan that will drive maximum outcome MUST be backed by insights from DATA. Therefore, the ability to be understand, analyze and speak data is crucial to excel and to make an impact across all business domains. "In a world of more data, the companies with more data-literate people are the ones that are going to win.”  Watch the Video to Learn More...

Who We Are

At Analytics Varsity, we are on a mission to empower career professionals and businesses to become data-driven through digital skills acquisition. We deliver high-quality and accessible trainings in Data Analytics, AI and Automation that equip professionals and business leaders with the skills needed to leverage the power of data to make informed business decisions. 

From Introductory Data literacy to Advanced Analytics skills, we are your trusted EdTech partner in this evolving digital and information age to accelerate your career and drive efficiency at work.

How We Get You Results

We work with Career Professionals & Business Leaders, offering Data and AI-focused trainings and partnering with Businesses to drive Digital Transformation as well as a Data-driven culture for Impact.

For Professionals

Online Programs

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Physical BootCamps

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Digital Products

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For Businesses

BI & Analytics Consulting

BI and Analytics projects developed on demand by our consultants to serve the different business areas of your company.

Corporate Training

Bespoke trainings to improve your team's Data Literacy & Analytics competencies from Experienced to Executive levels.

Talent Sourcing

We offer trainings applied virtually to train employees in specific Data Literacy skills to drive productivity and impact.

Our Proven Framework

Through our proven framework, become a highly sought-after industry data and analytics expert.


Dedicate time to learn the required data literacy and analytics skills through our programs, courses and resources.


Practice module tasks, challenges, and quizzes. Apply your skills to solve real industry use-cases and projects,  and build your project portfolio. 


Work on group projects and tasks and be encouraged along the way. Collaborate with other learners and experts in the data community.

Free Download

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How to Get (benefit) Without (pain point)

Why We Are Different

Choosing the right program isn't just about what you'll learn, but also about who you'll become along the journey. At Analytics Varsity, we've made it our mission to guide your transformation into a data-savvy professional.

Expert-Led Programs

Our Faculty brings 10+ data industry experience across business domains. Our programs are focused on hands-on practical and its application business use-cases.

Flexible Learning

From our online (self-paced) courses where you learn whenever and wherever, with 24/7 access, to our physical bootcamps, our programs fit your preferred learning preference. 

Community & Support

Engage with a vibrant community of like-minded learners. Our dedicated support team is always on hand to assist you, making sure your learning journey is smooth and enjoyable. 

Business Applications

We focus on the actual applications of data & analytics to the business, using case studies and projects for hands-on experience. You receive certifications, showcasing your new skills to stand out in your careers.

Success Stories

See how Analytics Varsity is making a difference, one professional at a time...

Abiodun Olayemi

Marketing Manager

As a Marketing Manager, data-driven decision making is the heart of my job. The Analytics Bootcamp was a game changer for me. Now, I can understand customer behavior in depth and create effective marketing strategies. This academy made the complicated simple! 

I already have beginner experience in Data Analysis, however, I decided to upskill with the 'Mastering SQL for Data Manipulation and Management' course. The in-depth and practical approach to SQL has given me a career edge. I can now manage and manipulate data sets much more efficiently. My productivity has soared!

Sarah Chiedu

Data Analyst

Ufoma Effiong


I knew the importance of data for my startup but couldn't afford a data specialist. The 'Business Intelligence with Power BI' course made me my own data expert. I can now draw valuable insights from our business data and make informed decisions. This course is a must for all entrepreneurs!

Using Excel was a daily struggle for me, but not anymore! After completing the 'Excel for Data Analysis and Visualization' course, I feel like a pro. I can now handle HR data with much more confidence. The team at Analytics Varsity has been very supportive and highly knowledgeable. My fear has been transformed into a skill!

Maxwell Kwame

HR Executive



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